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Friday, July 28, 2006

Some Fiver Stories Tell Themselves

When Liverpool were paired with Israeli side Maccabi Haifa in the draw for Big Cup's third qualifying round this morning, there were predictable security concerns.

Faced with a trip to a hostile war-zone echoing with gunshots and littered with burnt-out cars, you could understand why Maccabi Haifa's players might have been nervous, but it was the Scousers whose fans started whingeing, this time about Uefa's blatant Israel-centric anti-Liverpool bias.

"Uefa has known this situation was coming," aye-ayed Liverpool International Supporters' Club chairman Les Lawson, strapping five black armbands around his right bicep.

"They should already have said Haifa's home leg has to be played in a neutral country."

Taken from the excellent Fiver fat the Guardian.

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