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Thursday, August 24, 2006

".. a prawn Goebles, a Herman Goering and two Colditz salads"

BOMBAY, India -- When a restaurant called "Hitler's Cross" opened recently in India, the local Jewish community was outraged, but it didn't seem to bother too many others.

The restaurant opened four days ago in suburban Bombay.

The owner insists the name and theme of his new place, with its posters of Adolf Hitler and swastikas, is only meant to attract attention.

He said, "There is no intention to hurt anyone."

Holocaust awareness in India is limited. Hitler is regarded by many there as just another historical figure.

The swastika, reviled in many parts of the world, is also an ancient Hindu symbol and displayed all over India to bring luck.

But a local Jewish community leader said, "It's really made people very upset that a person responsible for the massacre of 6 million Jews can be glorified."

There are just 5,500 Jews in India, and all but 1,000 live in Bombay. An Israeli official in the city said there are plans to ask the local government to force a name change of the restaurant.
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