St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Couldn't Make It Up

Heard a great but true story at the weekend from my sister-in-law (Boss of George).

Her friend lives in Inner London and her father has early dementia (can't spell altz .. alka ..altse..) and he got up one morning and took the family car out.

He arrived home at 11pm and was received well as all were worried, ...until the next day when they went to use the car (you can see where this is going). "Dad, where is the car?" - "What car?" came the reply.

Turns out he took it and drove it. Parked it somewhere and caught the bus home LOL

The insurance company just laughed (behind their backs no doubt) and said it isn't covered as it wasn't stolen.

They have another, slightly bigger worry. He used to work at Heathrow and often pops up there. If he parked in one of the multi-story car parks two things are possible. One massive parking ticket or, just possibly, a controlled explosion, courtesy of the Metropolitan Police's "anti ruck sack" division.

"names witheld as I don't know them"
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