St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Thursday, April 13, 2006


McDonald's Corp, the world's largest restaurant chain, is testing the use of remote call centers to handle drive-thru orders in an effort to improve service. CBS

I really can't believe it. The same is starting to happen in the UK now, You ring up and get bombarded with, very good but still, hard to understand English.

I had a phone call about a debt recently [possibly, and then again, yada yada yada :)],
"Hello, this is Mohan speaking, I am calling about the outsanding balance on your account, if you do not pay by return using International overseas postage I will instruct our agent to leave Mumbai immediately to make a doorstep visit. He should be there in six to eight weeks, yes please."

"While I am on the phone can I be possibly offering you a service contract on your Home Appliances, yes please?" No, okay sir, are you hungry? Can I be offering you a Big Mac?"
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