St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Thursday, August 10, 2006

England Is Shut But Barbados Is Open

Seems like every day brings some new disaster. Today is the terrorism threat. 21 arrests, no shootings as of yet, obviously no guns involved this time.

Heathrow is shut to incoming traffic, this came from the Home Office, who can't even stop illeagal immigrants coming in.

According to MI5's website, critical threat level - the highest - means "an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK".

Sources close to theGoose have confirmed that this threat and the raising of the "Threat Level" to "Critical" ["you've never looked good in a suit, those shoes don't go...etc.] was going to happen yesterday but it was vetoed by The Right Dishonourable Tony Bliar, as he was starting his holiday and needed to catch a flight to the Caribbean.

Woah, I'm going to Barbados
Woah, back to the palm trees
Woah, I'm going to see my Cherie
Woah, in the sunny Carribean sea

Tony Blair [possibly]

Yes, our glorious leader is sitting on some beach wondering how he ever got into such a tight spot "How did this happen, and on my holidays also. At least 'Two Jags Prezza' is at the 'wheel' as we needs a calm, level headed, not one to steam in, arms flailing kind of guy in charge."

This morning 21 'suspects' were arrested. Crime gangs used to come in single figures, "The Guildford Four" [wrongly convicted], "The Birmingham Six" [convictions overturned], "The Maguire Seven" [wrongly convicted] etc. [there's a theme starting here]. No, now we have the London 21. Mind, this opens up all sorts of possibilities for mass miscarriages of justice convictions.

Arrested in Birmingham - The Cadbury 99
Arrested in Barbers - The Haircut 100
Arrested in The Lost Film Set - The Hawaii 50
Arrested Getting Kicks - The Route 66

Arrested at a party - 99 Red Balloons
Arrested in the UK - Development
cheers Convict

Arrested At The Embassy - The Twenty No6
Arrested in the Pub - The Kronenburg 1664

One positive thing to come out of this, I may have come up with a valid solution to the Bermuda Triangle and all the boats and planes that disappeared..
Leave fur where it belongs