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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Haves and The Rest Of Us

Tori Spelling will reportedly get less than $1 million from the $300 million to $500 million estate of her late father, TV mogul Aaron Spelling.

A source close to the star told People magazine Aaron left his daughter a cash sum as well as some stocks that were in total "less than $1 million."

It remains to be seen whether Tori, 33, will contest the will and its executor, her estranged mother, Candy, 60.

Tori and her mother have been exchanging angry words in the media since Aaron died last month.

The source also told People Tori was disheartened by the relative pittance because, in spite of her feud with her mother, she was always close to her father.

Pittance? I wouldn't mind 'less than' $1 million, I wouldn't mind 'less than' $1000 at the moment.
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