St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Friday, August 04, 2006

Holidays In The Sun

theGoose is man enough to know when he is wrong and as a man would do, he will stand up and be counted.

With this in mind, theGoose feels it is his duty to apologise to the Right Honourable Tony Blair for any injustice theGoose may have laid at his 'doorstep.'

Tony Blair is a man, a man of quite sublime morale and of true heart and this exemplified in his sacrifice of two days of his annual holiday to "sort out" the "middle east".

It takes a great man to sacrifice time from his family, to put yourself in the front line so to speak.

Holidays, times of joy and happiness. I have to wonder if Churchill had one? After all, we are told on one hand we are at war and on the other, just "helping democracy".

The brave men and women of our "armed [providing the budget was approved] forces' don't get three weeks holiday and I fail to see that the man [??] that put them in harms way should be able to'f*ck off' on holiday.

Are we at war with terror or is that now finished? How can we condemn Israel for entering a country in pursuit of 'terrorists' when we invaded Afghanistan and the Iraq on the same premise?

The rights and wrongs will go on forever over the Israel, Lebanon and Palestine situation but where do we draw the line? Do as I say but not as I do?

I hate war and I hate violence, do I hate or not respect our armed forces? No I have the utmost respect for anyone who chooses to put life on the line in the pursuit of peace, but it isn't about supporting our brave soldiers, that gets us nowhere and is what the politicians want, blind the truth with patriotism.

Balance one conflict with another. Israel has 'slaughtered' hundreds of innocent Lebanese civillinas and is chasticed, to date 30,000 innocent Iraqi civillians have died and yet we feel able to suggest that Israel is some war monger.

You may think that I am pro Israeli but I am not. I believe that most of the people affected by these conflicts don't have a better idea than I do about the real issues or any possible solution but there must be one.

Back to Tony Blair, and I was lucky/unlucky enough to live through Maggie Thatchers Britain. At the time it seemed pretty bad and Labour seemed the only way out. History tells a different story, the truth and honesty that was promised never turned up, just ask Dr David Kelly, sorry you can't, he was found dead in a field.

True, Blair hasn't stopped school milk, but he hasn't stood up to the American President either. He is and has made us a puppet to George W Bush and his visions of a Middle East.

The European Union, which we are part of and aren't allowed a vote on wether to go further in or not want us to send a unified European message that we want the violence to stop. Trouble is, Tony is so far up George Ws ass that he can't join in with the rest of the union. The splinters are flying.

Are we in the European Union or are we the 52nd state? [Peurto Rico being 51].

Anyway, have a blinding holiday Tone, I am sure old Two Jags will make no less of a f*ck up than you could.
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