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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Major Blow (Cut Out The Edwina jokes!)

Not since the resignation of another MP has British Politics been dealt such a blow (Oi! No Edwina Jokes!)

Today former Deputy PM and current Hull MP John 'Two Jags' Prescott has announced he is not to stand at the next erection (?).

"It has been a huge privilege to represent the people of Hull East over the last 37 years.

"I will continue to do that until the next General Election, whenever that might be." He said.

When asked about his thoughts on Global warming he said, "I am not here to discuss any extra curricular activities, and she was lying anyway, no not lying down, just lies, hey up, d'you want to step outside sunshine?"

When asked about his need for "Two Jags in the Mornin."

"Everyone does it, the wife doesn't want to arrive at T'Conference Centre all ruffled, followed by some sweaty fat bloke, so the least I can do, as a gentleman is to have two Jags, for her."

"John Prescott is a Tosser"

John Prescott is now available for Prize Fights or Overseas Diplomacy. You can contact John via www.fatc*ntwithamllett.com

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