St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Friday, August 11, 2006


Deep down we all knew it, now it's official. Norwich is full of inbreeding banjo players.

A Labour MP has said inbreeding may be partly to blame for a rise in diabetes cases in his constituency in Norwich.

Inter-family relationships could have led to a sharing of a gene linked to the condition, former science lecturer Dr Ian Gibson told BBC Radio Norfolk.

"There may be some degree of familiarity, family relationships, in terms of brothers and other families with the same name and so on," he said.

But a consultant at a local hospital said the remarks were "disgraceful", "We done mar'in sisters long time ago ye all. Betsy Loo be my cousin, not my sis. Anyways, Sis married Pa back in spring"

Dr Gibson argued that "people, with the word inbreed, think that Norwich is closed off, it doesn't interact with the world.

"That's wrong, and everybody knows that that's nonsense."

However, inbreeding "does happen everywhere", he maintained.

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