St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Its a funny old game...

So, no sooner had the new Premier League season started [hooray] than it stops [booo] for some tinpot qualifier for Euro 2008.

This was against some team of goat herders from a place I've never heard of. We won of course, and after Googling 'Andorra', the name of the place, I know why. Turns out she was a witch in some American TV show.

Well, after the win the usual bullshit started about how our name is on the cup, its our year etc. etc.

Odds of winning Cup before game - "Not on your Nelly"
Odds of winning Cup after game - "Its in the bag"

Roll on saturday when we get back to the real football and Arsenal welcome Middlesbrough and the 3 points they are bringing down south.
Leave fur where it belongs