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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Surprise, Surprise.

'No corruption' in Lawrence case

Claims that the first police probe into the murder of black 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence was hindered by a corrupt officer are unfounded, a watchdog says.

It was claimed in a BBC programme in July 2006 that detective sergeant John Davidson took a bribe from Clifford Norris, father of suspect David Norris.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated the claims over the 1993 murder, in south-east London.

The BBC was criticised by the police, but said it stood by the journalism.

Stephen was murdered at a bus stop in Eltham in April 1993. Read more here

Sadly, this kind of stance from the BBC is becoming rare as since the Hutton enquiry everyone is afraid for their job. The BBC used to be the source of truth. Not just for the UK but for the world. New Labour put an end to that.

Anyone who has seen the four that were accused of this hateful crime will know that they are guilty and are laughing in the face of the legal system.

Read some of what has gone on and then, to steal a line from John Grisham, imagine he was white!
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