St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cold Balls

One Thursday Anne says, 'There's this thing, when I go down on my John, his balls are always cold.'

'Funny you should say that', says Mary. 'my Franks balls are always cold too.

'EEAUUWWWWWWGHHHHHH' says Nancy, 'that's disgusting. How can you both do that?'

So her friends tell Nancy that the blow job is the best wayto keep her man from straying.

The following Thursday, Anne and Mary are in the restaurant waiting for their friend to arrive.

In walks Nancy with a huge black eye.

'What happened to you'? ask her two friends.

'Mike hit me' came the reply.

'Why?' ask the girls.

'I don't know', says Nancy, 'I was giving him the blow job like you told me to, and all I said was, your balls aren't cold like Frank's and John's.'

cheers Shumpy
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